Friday, September 23, 2011

What percentage of people use their garage for their car?

Living in a neighborhood full of 2 car garages I am always amazed by the number of cars seen in the driveways and on the streets.

1. How many cars in your household?

2. Does your home have a garage? If so, how many cars will it hold?

3. What number, if any, of the cars in your household actually reside in your garage?

Bonus question (You'll get an extra thank you. that's about it): What would it take for you to get your car in the garage or do you even want it in there?
What percentage of people use their garage for their car?
I own a nursery and go to more than 200 homes per year drawing landscape plans and installing shrubs and trees. I'd say 70 to 80 percent of homeowners use their garage for storage and parking. Most leave one side partially empty to allow parking one vehicle. The houses I landscape are in the $250K - $500K price range. Most of these people have 3 vehicles. A trend in newer homes for several years is bigger garages. Most homes costing $400k and up now have a 3-car garage standard. At my home, I have a two-story carriage house. I can park 2 cars inside. I also have a horse stable with a parking area for my truck. I like your question very much. Most people don't realize that housing and automobiles account for around 50% of all jobs in America.
What percentage of people use their garage for their car?
4 car garage 3 cars always in unless driving them
1. We have 2 cars

2. Our home has a 3 car garage

3. 2 cars fit in our garage, and we have a car's width of junk. My husband is a pack rat and it annoys me greatly that we have so much ... just ... stuff ... around.

My brother also has a 3 car garage, but cannot park any of his cars in it because it's messy and full of junk. I don't like this trend of using the garage as a storage unit.
My garage would have to be rearranged to hold a bicycle. We have three cars and a 2 1/2 car garage. The trouble is that I have wood working tools and machines and all that goes with that and I need another garage the same size to hold it all. I don't see us parking a car in the garage until I'm dead. If only I could build a separate shop space.

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