Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did I commit a crime and how do I know if I am charged.?

I had an argument with my wife last week while visiting family. My wife said she was leaving our house and separating for awhile. I had to leave at that point to make arrangements for a car to drive for work in the morning as she said she would be taking the car before I went to work. My Job requires a car. When I went to leave I took my 10 year old son with me. As we got to the door my wife and her brother jumped on me knocking me and my son down. My son had a scratch on his cheek. I tried to get out and he locked me in. I was very upset and pushed him out of the way to go out the door and he again jumped on me as I was leaving damaging the door. I called the police when I got home and they said I may be charged for endangering a child and Child Services said I may have an abuse on my record with them. They don't seem to care about my story and I don't see what I did wrong here. If anything I was asualted as was my son and held for five minutes having to break out. I don't want to charge my family but this is getting crazy. My wife filed a protection from abuse order but now says she wants to drop it and feels bad she did it. She said she is not sure If I am charged with a crime but the police told her I would be. Child services said they feel it was not a big deal and not to worry on that end but they don't know what the police did. How would I know if I had charges from the police and if a warrant was out for me. I don't want to go to the station and not come out for months waiting for a hearing on $100,000.00 bail. I don't have that kind of money. Is there anyway to find out and work this out without me getting charged for something I did not do? My wife said she is willing to tell the police it was not my fault our child was hurt but I am sure they will want to blame somebody. I can't put this on my wife. Any Ideas? I can't afford a lawyer.
Did I commit a crime and how do I know if I am charged.?
As long as your story is exactly what you said there is nothing wrong.. unless you are are not telling the truth and forgot some crucial fact..

Like why did you take your son? Did you just take him out of spite and that is why they attacked you? Or did you do it because you just had to since no one was there to watch him?
Did I commit a crime and how do I know if I am charged.?
This is a tough one. Really you did nothing wrong, you were trying to leave, as you said. The fact is during this process your child was injured. Whether it was your fault or not is up to the police and other investigators. I do not think you will receive a 100,000 bail, if you have to go to jail. All you can really do is wait and see. You can call to the station and talk to the detective who has the case, but I would not do this without a lawyer present. If you cannot afford a lawyer you can get one appointed. Best of luck, I hope this helps.
Can you afford marriage counseling? It may be a good place to start.

As for who's fault it was your son got hurt ~ sounds like you can pin that one on your brother-in-law, who needs to learn to mind his own business and let his sister mind hers.
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