Monday, September 19, 2011

How do I deal with a break-up, and being pregnant?

First off, I know he loves me, or I think I know. I'm 5 months pregnant and he seems pretty excited about his son. But the problem is, that me and him fight CONSTANTLY. First of all, when we started dating both him and me did drugs on occasion, and now that I'm pregnant, all of that changed for me, and we are trying to get a house for the both of us, and he's the only one working at the time. He takes advances out of his check at work, secretly of course, and he's bought drugs on occasions and various other things. The drugs really upset me of course, I feel like a hypocrite it a way? Because I used to do them too, but now I can't get him to realize how important it is not to do drugs, and to save money for a roof over our head, and for our baby. The thing is, he finally stopped spending money on drugs and things, when I finally found a house that we could rent, and he saw the baby on the ultra-sound, i thought him seeing the baby would be good. He acted alright for about a week, and now, he's acting so mean towards me, last night he wanted to snuggle next to me, but i get so hot being pregnant, and i couldn't stand his body heat too, he got upset about that, and when we woke up he was all pissed because i didn't cuddle with him, and he knows i get hot when i sleep. He thinks I'm trying to control him, because I dont want him hanging out with certain friends he has, that are a very bad influence on him. Now he's acting so tacky towards me, and he never owns up to what HE does wrong and just points out all of mine. I'm trying my best to stay calm with him, but today it blew all out of proportion. I was taking him to my grandparents house, and he wanted to stop at a store and get a coke on the way, and I had forgotten about it and missed the turn, and he mad and whispered, %26quot;f***ing c*nt%26quot; under his breath. NO WAY was I going to turn around and go back to the store. I started crying and driving to his grandparents house, and he started laughing at me for crying. So I stopped at this restaurant parking lot, and told him to get out, he wasn't far from his grandparents house. He refused. I couldn't even handle him being in the car because I was so upset, because he's been SO TACKY the past month or so. He had an hour before he had to go to work, and he said %26quot; so your just going to make me late for work and lose my job.%26quot; at that point i said I DONT CARE ANYMORE! He said, %26quot;well, how will Noah like that, (our unborn son). and I said I can take care of myself, and he just laughed and said yeah right. I threw up my hands in the air, and then he acted like he was going to hit me. That was it for me I turned off the ignition and got out of the car and went to the store next door to use their phone to call my mother, and she was going to call the police to get him out of my car. Before the police got there, he already took off walking towards his grandparents. So I got in the car and left, i had twenty dollars in my wallet and he knew it was in there, i was going to the store to get something to drink, and i looked and the money was gone. So, he stole the money, and of course I was so ticked off I turned around and went to find him and my money. I told him to give me my money and he just looked at me like i was retarded. I completely blew up and said some nasty words. He finally gave me the money, and i was so upset by then I just told him it was over. If he doesn't care enough to be nice to me, he won't to our son either. But now, it's hard for me to stand my ground, and not want him back. I love him so much, but I don't know what is the right thing to do right now? I want him to be the father of my child if he'd just straighten up and act better.
How do I deal with a break-up, and being pregnant?
think about the baby and doing what is needed for the baby
How do I deal with a break-up, and being pregnant?
Being pregnant is REALLY hard sometimes youll get unlike like i did and keep the hormones after you have your son. Anyways as for the pregnant and having attitude not much you can do. Just find your comfort zone. Wat makes you happy and relaxed.

As for him there is one thing i learned from my baby daddy and that is if they love there sons like a real father does. When they hold that baby in there arms everything will change and it will slap him in the face. My baby daddy even went back to school! so If that doesnt help not sure anything will..

and explain to him why you dont like certain frined explain your worries and if your too emotional like i was and cry or get too angry write him a letter and hide it in his things or have him read infront of you.. Hope it helps! and congrats on your son! they are blessings
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