Friday, September 23, 2011

How can i hook up my car subs and amp to a home theater system?

I have a home theater system, already with some nice speakers. I also have a really nice sound system in my car, and specifically i want to take my amplifier and 2 subs out of my car and attach them to my home system. I have looked around the internet but i can never find any specific instructions. All i really think I need is a way to convert my amp's power cord (usually attached to my car battery) to be able to plug it into the wall.. what kind of converter would i need? I think i can handle the rest (just plug the RCA cables into the system and etc.)

So mainly what i'm asking is how to convert my power cable that usually is attached to my car battery, into a cord that can be plugged into a wall outlet?

How can i hook up my car subs and amp to a home theater system?
If you want to blow your amp go ahead your amp runs off of 12 volts dc your house outlet is 120 volts ac so go ahead and let the smoke out of your amp and see how good it is then
How can i hook up my car subs and amp to a home theater system?
well the only thing you need is a power converter. d/c to a/c. they sell them at radio shack or fry's electronic stores. if you have a big amp. consider buying a really big converter, like if you have 1000 watts amp, your going to need a least a 50amp or more d/c to a/c converter. which is going to run you at least $150 or more. its simple hookup, red + is power, black is - negative ground. after you get that you should be set if you know how to wire everything else.
You may be able to find a transformer power supply that will convert the 120VAC to 12VDC. Be careful though, that car amp will draw a LOT of current: get a power supply that is properly rated. You'll also need to make sure that the connector on the power supply matches the input to the amplifier.

Then the question becomes: what signal will you feed to the amplifier? It's not clear that any output of your home system will be compatible with the inputs of your car system.

Finally, the system which sounds really good in your car will probably sound like crap in your home, because it is designed to work in a small resonant space (your car) whereas your home is a large non-resonant space.

Give this idea some more thought before you invest a lot of effort in it.

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