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How do you begin rebuilding a car?

I don't know much about cars, only how to change tires, headlamps and tail lights, and checking the fluids. Do you recommend that I could rebuild a car or do I need some experience with car mechanics to try this? If so, what type of car do you recommend starting with? I do have a mechanical mind meaning that I usually can figure how something works once I take it apart.
How do you begin rebuilding a car?
Start simple, rebuild a lawnmower first.
How do you begin rebuilding a car?
Well, i know nothing about damage repair but to tune up an old car is very time and money consuming. Think before you do the task because you could be left with half a finished project and half of your money spent!
If you don't have any idea baout engines I'd say leave that to the pros
You are getting in over your head.

The best engine to start with is an Old VW bug motor. They are simple and easy to work with. There are a ton of books and instruction manuals to help you along the way as well.

Plus, you will always find the parts you need. They aren't hard to come by. Also, you can even build it bigger as you rebuild it.
I would recommend an american classic. They are easy to work on and are lookers.

I have a 1980 corvette and it is a great car. You can get a nice one under 15k and the parts are cheap. There are also several places that sell every part of that car so finding parts is easy.

because you said rebuilding a car (not just the engine) I would start with whatever is broken. In an old classic there is plenty to fix.

As for rebuilding an engine take it to a pro if you want it to last very long.

Another thing is there is no computer so when it is not running well it is easy to figure out.
the first thing you must do is inventory what you have..

is the frame or body damaged badly ?

are most of the trim parts there ? they can be very costly..

first time i would go with a camaro or mustang 67-69 just because they are simple and easy to get parts for...

stay away from more obscure cars till you get a feel for things
Although the hands on is the best part of rebuilding a car. it takes alot of research as to what kind are you able to do and what is your budget.

I think a Chevy Blazer 4X4 70', 72' is the perfect start vehicle for anyone and I am partial to them as well. Plan on spending around 5000.00 for this rebuild not counting actual purchase of the truck. when your done and your sweat is dry you will have a great truck to show off.

Get a 400 cubic motor for it not the standard 350 it is a better choice.
I rebuilt my first car from the ground up when I was sixteen. I am not an automotive professional, just a tinkerer. I am currently on my eighth restoration. It has become my pastime. I always begin by dismantling and labeling the parts. Then when it is down to the frame or basic chassis, begin cleaning, painting, repairs, and reassembly. Take your time and get a good reference manual. Rebuilding the components your self saves lots of money and you kind of learn as you go. The only part I have ever sent out to be repaired was an automatic transmission. The rest I have done myself.

1- 1928 Ford Model A Roadster Pick up

2- 1949 Ford Convertible

3- 1967 Ford Cortina GT

4- 1957 VW Bug

5- 1955 VW Bug Convertible

6- 1969 Mercury Monterrey Convertible

7- 1973 Jaguar XJ6 Sedan

8- 1970 VW Bug (in progress)
Start by going to the library and get acquainted with the technical terms and diagrams of everything that generally comprises of an automobile as a whole. Then start out with smaller jobs, small engine repair like a lawn mower or something inexpensive so if you break something or give up the is no harm done. I wouldnt recoomend taking on the task of buying a second vehicle and just taking everyhting apart. Starting out tis will be overwhelming and the not only have you lost what ever money you have invested but you have a pile of parts that most likely go to ruin. Start out small, ask questions, the whole idea of restoring a car is exciting but not properly equipped with the right tools(knowledge or actual tools) will make it extremely difficult to the point that if you attempt a big project now and fail you may never want to attempt it again. But if you start out small you will build your confidence and mechanical knowledge to encourage you to take on more and more diificult tasks. Don't be discouraged and don't let anyone tell you to leave it to the professionals. What if someone said that to Davinci or Earnhardt. Two examples of people that are professionals but who haven't always been a professional. You could be one too one day with time, patience, and the willing to learn how things properly function. Good luck on your quest it is neverending. I know I am currently on my 13th vehicle and I am only 27. Thanks
You need to ask yourself why you wanna do this. If you intend to drive it around Sundays or so, it's gotta be a looker and something you gonna be proud of when finished. That will be a motivation aswell.

Corvette is a good one to look at, fibre bodies are easy to repair and maintain, straight forward engine and mechanics.

Fibre is easy to respray and would have a more pro finish.

Go for it, you'll be suprised what you can achieve once you put your mind to it.

Involve your wife or girlfriend, it's twice the fun!
forget it until you learn more about cars or take a mechanics course, all it would do is really frustrate you and the project would be a total loss.

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