Friday, September 23, 2011

How do you start up a car sales business?

I've visited a few car lots recently and it got me thinking as to how these car traders start up their businesses. I'm not talking about car dealerships, i'm looking to know about the small independent car sellers and how they got going.

(This is a UK based question only as i don't live in the USA)

How do you start up a car sales business?
Speak to your local Business Link for free information on setting up your business. They have information for specific industries as well as general stuff.

One of your key things is location. Finding premises on a site where people can see what you have on offer as they drive past and where they have room to park to visit you are important. The other key thing, as with most businesses is marketing. How are you going to compete with everyone else who's doing this? Again, Business Link has good information on this.

Good luck!
How do you start up a car sales business?
you can get information about this in
Lease some premises with a forecourt.

Buy some cars.

Sell them for more than you bought them for.
Simple, you rent an area of land or a showroom.

You buy cars at car auctions, valet them and sell them at a profit in your showroom.
Get some cars and stick some prices in the windows. Easy.
be carefull i know 5 popular company's that went into recession friday, they were doing well but the economy is not good. They were car credit companies though so if your not providing finance you will be fine
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