Monday, September 19, 2011

PLEASE HELP .... anyone who knows how to drive a motorcycle ......?

I am going for a bike license test . pls verify my knowledge of bike Controls :

The left side of bike is for speed and gear shifting . the right side is for breaks .

Throttle is on both sides . Clutch on left side near throttle . front break on right side near throttle .

the rear brake is near to my right . the gear stick is near my left leg .

gear stick works like : 1st gear all way down . neutral half click up . 2nd gear a complete click up . more upper clicks result in 2nd , 3rd , 4th gear so on .

please answer some of my questions :

1) what exactly is a throttle in a bike ? Is it similar to accelerator in a car ?

2) how to move the throttle for accelerating the bike ? how to rotate it ?

3)after putting in the key in key hole , how to start the bike ? i see a switch near right handle grip , but some bikes have a push down lever for starting .

PLEASE HELP .... anyone who knows how to drive a motorcycle ......?
Ok I will start with the handlebar. On the left side you will have the grip, which will do nothing unless you have a custom bike. And since you did not state that the bike is custom I am going to assume that it is a factory bike. The left side lever is the clutch. There also should be a switch for the lights and flashers. The button is the horn.

On the right side of the handlebar is the throttle. You are correct, it is the same as an accelerator in a car. To operate the throttle you twist it. I will normally grip the throttle with my knuckles touching the lever. This will give you a little more than half throttle when your wrist is in the riding position. The lever is the front brakes, you will not use this as much as you will use the rear brakes. I only use mine when I have to stop in a short distance and only after I have the rear brakes fully depressed. The starter button should be on the right next to the throttle.

The rear brake in a foot control lever on the right side of the bike. Most are in front of the riding peg.

The gear selector in a foot control lever on the left side. You are correct with the gear sequence. Most bikes are like that. I have came across a few in my years where it was not like that. But it has been a long time since I came across those.
PLEASE HELP .... anyone who knows how to drive a motorcycle ......?
What kind of bike is that !

Throttle on both sides?

Gear stick?
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