Thursday, October 6, 2011

What to tell car insurance agent to get lowest possible insurance?

Hello, my son (20 years old) is about to buy a used car and I am trying to add him to our policy. The agent says he's gonna ask some questions about how he will use it. Obviously he'll use my answers to these questions to price the insurance for the new (used) car.

What are somethings I can say that will get me the lowest insurance? Thanks!
What to tell car insurance agent to get lowest possible insurance?
If he is only going to be using it for short commutes to work/school, you may see a reduction in rates. Either way, it won't really change the rate much. It's based off of age/sex/driving record/car type.
What to tell car insurance agent to get lowest possible insurance?
What the HECK good, is %26quot;the lowest insurance%26quot;, when the claim gets denied because you lied to them about something?

Tell them the truth. There IS not going to be cheap coverage, for a 20 year old with his own car. And if you put a car titled in his name, on YOUR policy, then that, also, is going to create a coverage issue.

Everyone I've ever heard, squawking about insurance companies screwing them over, were trying to outsmart the insurance companies to get a %26quot;lower rate%26quot;, and then got caught. Don't screw yourself. Be honest, so that you've got COVERAGE.
Well, since you want him to actually be covered, you simply tell him the truth!

If you lie and say it will only be driven to and from work, then your son kills someone on a trip out of state, you will probably not be covered and it would be fraud.

The simple answer is: Tell him the truth.
Basically, you are asking how to lie correctly to get a cheaper rate than you should. Who do you think answers these insurance questions? We are all probably professionals.

On that note, the only questions your son will be asked would be about usage of the vehicle. For instance, if your son is delivering pizzas and fails to mention it, they would try to deny coverage for material misrepresentation.

You should really have your son get his pwn policy at his age. This way, if he causes a serious accident, your assets would not be jeopardized.
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