Thursday, October 6, 2011

How long do car dealers wait to call a customer back after a visit?

We showed interest in buying a Honda CR-V, but the dealer refused to go $900 lower than what they offered on the final price. We then told them that we couldn't get the car then and left. Will the dealer call us later in the week to renegotiate? If so, how long will they wait to call us back? (Car Salesman answers are appreciated.)
How long do car dealers wait to call a customer back after a visit?
I have been in this business a long time. trust me - if you walked over $900 then there is no more room to drop. Business is slow - no, brutal - right now. We are taking just about any deal that makes sense. So if $900 makes the deal, and we can still post a small profit on teh unit, you are an owner.

But if we wasted all our time and energy trying to put a deal together, and you walked over $900, then the price you wanted simply did not make sense.

I always find it curious that customers expect us to lose money on deals. We are a business like any other. Profits keep the doors open, lights on, and people employed. And the 2-7% profit we make on new cars is NOTHING compared to the 200% markup you pay for clothes, or the 500% markup you pay on jewlery - willingly!

In order for a deal to be a deal, it has to make sense on both sides of the table. $900 is a decent amount of money. And you are well within your rights to get the best deal for you. But it sounds like the best deal was the one you left on the table.
How long do car dealers wait to call a customer back after a visit?
Usually no more than one or two days.

If they let you leave over $900 it probably means that there was no more room for negotiation - or the car you were looking at is fairly easy to sell. The average car dealership would not let you leave over $900 if there was any way to make that deal work out.
If you just walk away like that, he may not call back. I would suggest taking his price to another dealer and seeing if they can beat it.
If the salesperson you delt with is a professional, he/she will call you the day after you left even if they do not have the ability to lower the price any further than what they offered it to you. They should at the very least, make a follow-up call to see if you have any questions.

If the dealer isn't lowering the price by an additional $900.00 and they let you leave without a deal...

a) They do not have anymore room to offer a further discount.

b) It is a newer vehicle on their lot and they are confident it is priced within the market value and they are going to hold onto it until they get a fair price (more now than ever, dealers cannot afford to lose money on a deal)..

c) There is someone else interested in the vehicle and they are pursuing a deal with them.

There is a d), e) and f) answer as well. Regardless, if this is the vehicle you really want, it is priced fairly (check on and you can afford it. Then don't wait, call them back and tell them if they can do the $900.00 off you will come back and buy it today. If they cannot, simply ask them to be honest and tell you how close they can get to the additional $900.00 off... if they can't... they can't. Either buy their vehicle or continue your shopping.

Try going to and print off the Haggle-Free Dealer worksheet iin the worksheet section. This will get you to the bottom line and their best price a lot faster.

Good Luck!
If we let someone leave our lot over $ 900, there was no more room to work, or person wanted discount on our and than wanted retail for theirs. Another thing people pointed out, if particular color you are looking for, could have another customer interested and maybe they are not haggling over 900.

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