Thursday, October 6, 2011

How long should I warm up my car for maximum benefit?

I own a 1993 Ford Probe GT and it has only 44,600 original miles, on it. I really love this car, so every time I go anywhere I let it indle for 10-15 minutes till the coolent gets to the letter r in the normal zone. And I try to keep it under 60 to let the engine warm up. I need to know from a professional certified mechanic who love their cars, what waht should be the warm up time for maximum benefit. And is warming up my car for that long bad for it? I need maximum benefit for my car.
How long should I warm up my car for maximum benefit?
10 - 15 minutes??? That means if you go to the mall for 4 hours and then go out to your car you wait 10 - 15 minutes before you even put it into DRIVE???? WHAT??? That is so much of a waste in fuel....

NOT to mention that the Oil in your car is not reaching the top most portion of the engine. It is stated that you should only let a car sit for 2 minutes or so for warming up. The reason behind this is that the oil in your car when you press on the gas and moving makes the compression higher and the oil reaches the top of the motor. Lubricating the rods and tappets.

Are you in SUB degree weather??? BTW???

At 44K miles on a 1993 car.. wow..

The WORST thing for a car is jack rabbit starts and stops.. Just keep it nice and steady... No racing the engine... etc... Do your maintenance when needed, (oil, spark plugs, tires, coolant, transmission (IF NEEDED), etc鈥?)

BTW .. I'm not a mechanic.. But I've had 2 cars over 400,000 miles
How long should I warm up my car for maximum benefit?
let it warm up until the temp gauge reaches the number one. once it reaches it, your car should be warm and ready to go.
Just remember to keep the garage door open.
There is no benefit at all warming it up for that long, and you are wasting a lot of gas and harming the environment in the process.

So long as the oil pressure is up, which takes less than a minute, you might as well be moving while the engine is warming up to operating temperature.

And depending on where you live it is, or will soon be, illegal to idle a car for longer than 3 minutes, you could get a ticket.
These day I don't think they recommend warming up your car unless it is very cold and you do it for your comfort. When you start off driving don't hot-rod around until it is warmed up--never hot-rod it if you want it to last. Warming a car up uses gas. But I am no mechanic and just go by what the manuel says. When I traded off my last car, it had nearly 200,000 miles and its engine ran like a new one--its a Buick.
There is no reason to let a car warm up that long. I am a car collector sorry not a certified mechanic but I been owning cars for almost 40 years i just might know a thing or two. Let's just use a little common sense, watch your tech when you start your car its probably running at over 2X rpm's so in one minute your engine has made 2000 times around in just one minute that's a lot of turning. Unless you are in sub zero temps that is usually enough turns of your engine. You just need to keep the oil changed regularly and let the car warm up as you drive.

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