Thursday, October 6, 2011

How do I start a car with a standard transmission?

I bought a standard 1987 toyota corolla so I can practice driving stick. My main problem is smoothly driving my car out of first gear. I try to gently release the clutch while slowly applying gas but then the car always ends up jumping forward or coming to a slow stall.

How can I get the car to smoothly come out of parking without having to rush into 2nd gear and mashing on the gas pedal?
How do I start a car with a standard transmission?
Practise, you will get the hang of take offs, I know no one that started out smooth when they first started driving a stick, As your letting out the clutch ( slowly ) listen to the engine as you give it gas if it sounds like it is slowing down give it just a little more gas.

Everyone starts out Jumping and stall, ten you go to just jump, then it starts to smooth out.
How do I start a car with a standard transmission?
try starting in second gear. its usually easier.
it comes down to timing.

give the car a little more gas, if there is a tachometer let it rev up to about 2000 rpm then slowly release the clutch. once the car starts to move let it rev to about 3000 rpm then shift into 2nd.

then you are on your way!
Just keep practicing. Everyone who has learned to drive a stick has been where you are and its just a matter of time before it will be a natural movement.

Think of a pair of scissors and the moment the 2 blades meet when closing, that's your clutch %26amp; gas pedals. It's timing.
This is a matter of practice and patience. With the car stopped and in first gear, give the car some gas, raise the engine speed to about 2000rpm. Now release the clutch about an inch from the floor, now start slowly letting off the clutch until you feel the clutch start to catch and the engine noise will change some and the car will want to start moving forward. Hold the clutch in that position for just a second, and now let out on the clutch only about an inch, pause, and another inch, pause, and another inch. After several of these pauses the car will have taken off, once that happens, then you can release the rest of the clutch, accelerate, and then shift into second gear.

Another thing is to practice in an empty parking lot, so that you have no pressure about other people and cars being around you, so you can totally concentrate on the clutch.

Once you have gotten the feel for the point where the clutch grabs, you can get to the point where you will start releasing the clutch to where it grabs, and slowly releasing through the point where the car moves and takes off, and fully releasing the clutch, all in one smooth move. It will come, the more you practice the better you will get. good luck.
I had the same problem when I was learning to drive a standard. The main thing is to practice, practice, practice. You have to coordinate the gas and the clutch just right to start smoothly, and if you do it slowly, the car will jump and stall. You have to do it as one fluid motion, and the best way to do that is to learn where the clutch %26quot;catches%26quot;. With the car at a standstill but running, push the clutch in, but ONLY the clutch. Stay away from the gas. SLOWLY release the clutch pedal up and when you feel the car start to shudder, that's where it catches. Once you know that, it will be easy to figure out how far to push the clutch in so you can get the gas going. And practice makes perfect.
Go to a huge parking lot at night, when no one else is around. No pressure %26amp; plenty of room. You'll get the timing down.

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