Thursday, October 6, 2011

How do I go about getting a car insured if I have no license?

Due to circumstances that I don't need to get into, I am 21 and only have my instructional permit.

I know a few people are old enough (21+) and would be willing to go out with me while I practice driving as well as taking me to my test. However, none of them have cars that will pass Drive Test standards (even a minor crack in the windshield disqualifies you here! Oi!)

So my thought lately has been to buy a passing car and insure it so that I have my own car to get used to driving in and also don't put anyone else's car at risk, etc. etc. Is it even possible for me to do so?

Thanks for any help!
How do I go about getting a car insured if I have no license?
Not a big deal. You just have to go down to a local agent, to fill out the application. YOU the OWNER can be listed with a permit, but you ALSO have to list (name, dl#, dob) a LICENSED OPERATOR on the policy.
How do I go about getting a car insured if I have no license?
You can insure your car without a license. Simply explain your circumstance to the insurance co. You can also have a friend with a license rent a small car. If you rent during the week, the car won't cost more than $30.00 with the insurance through the rental company. This way you can get a compact car to make your test that much easier. If you don't pass your test, you won't have paid for the whole months worth of insurance seeing as though it would cost more than a rental.
You can stilll insure your car without a drivers license and its not a problem, just explain it with the insurance agent or whoever connected with the car insurance company that you are planning to engage business. You can try to visit this cheap car insurance site you can used this as an access to any car insurance companies for a cheap car insurance rate.Goodluck

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