Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to remove fabric stains from the car seat?

I bought a new car a couple of months back. The interiors of the car is light ivory color. The other day my friend wore a brand new dress and came with me in the car. Her dress was pink in color. After we got down I noticed that the pink dress left some fabric stains on the car seat. And now the seat is pink in color. I have no idea what to do. Can anyone suggest anything on this please.

Thank you.
How to remove fabric stains from the car seat?
Oxy Clean.

Try it in an area where it won't be noticed if the dye of the seat fabric comes out. This should work for you though.
How to remove fabric stains from the car seat?
The best product to use is RESOLVE carpet cleaner. It will remove tough stains. Test Resolve in an area of you seats that will be less noticeable in case it fades the seat color first.
You might want to try Rit Dye Remover before you do anything else, as it is fabric dye. Anything else might set the stain in. (and do try it on an inconspicuous area first- we don't want it to take the ivory off as well) And tell your friend to wash her clothes before wearing them! If the dye runs, use vinegar in the water to set the dye.
Rent a steam cleaner. I rent one twice a year to keep my interior in tip top shape. They work. You can rent one at your local grocery or hardware store.
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