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How to describe a car with a diffrent Year of motor?

Ok i have a 97 honda prelude. The thing is that i bought just the the car with nothing in there (no engine, tranny, interior) and they titel states thats its a 97. I put in everything from a 2001 honda prelude in it (tranny, engine, interior) so the body has like 115k miles but the engine has 49k

i am now planning on selling the car because i joined the military and leaving next month for training. how would i describe this in the newspaper ad. could i say thats its a 2001?
How to describe a car with a diffrent Year of motor?
I have a 1960 bus with a 1976 engine in it and that's just how I describe it. I would suggest you advertise the car as a 1997 Prelude with a 2001 engine, tranny, and interior.

P.S. Good luck in the military and thanks for volunteering to protect all of our freedom.
How to describe a car with a diffrent Year of motor?
The car is still a '97, based on the VIN. Just describe it like you did above.
you must list it as a 97 with 2001 upgrades
Igor To carefully answer your question many of our cars we drive have been or have had 2 or more engines replaced because we drive the heck out of our cars these days unless you want an old couple that barely drives their cars much then you have a safe bet here on their behalf but like the old saying says buyer beware.GOOD LICK
Say that it is a 97 with a 01 powertrain. (If I put a brand new engine in a car from the 70's , it does not make it brand new)
No. You still say that it's a 97 prelude. But in the description you can list out the major components that you put in and say that those are 01.
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