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How do you jump start a car if battery is totally not working?

Hi, what is the best way to jump start a car if the battery will not turn over at all. Its totally not working, not even power windows. We cant reach the car with only 1 set of cables....Is it okay to use 2 sets by hoolkng them to each other ??

We tried jumpimg it and it does not work, how long do you leave the cars running?? Thanks!!
How do you jump start a car if battery is totally not working?
You can use two sets of jumper cables but they need to be good (thick) cables not the cheap ones that cost $9 or $10.

Hook the red cable to the positive ( + )battery post of both batteries, next hook the black cable to the negative ( - ) post of both batteries. Make sure you have real good connections at both ends.

Start the car that is doing the jumping and slightly race the engine for a few minutes to give the dead battery a bit of a charge, then you can attempt to start the other vehicle.

Once the car with the dead battery is started, let it run for at least half an hour. My guess is that the battery in your car needs to be replaced as they usually only last about 3 years.
How do you jump start a car if battery is totally not working?
Use a portable starter or take the battery out and hook it to a recharger a few hours. If the battery is over 5 years old you may need to replace it. Or it could be the starter not the battery.
put it in 2nd gear, get it pushed and let clutch out if this fails seek advice from garage xx

Thats just an accident waiting to happen!

I'd just get a new battery- sounds like the one you have is SHOT
you can use 2 sets of cables, have the car that is running rev up a little for a few minutes
Hello!!! Buy a new battery and check the starter.


You should leave it running for about 5-10 minutes but if your battery is dead, I suggest that you just invest in buying a new one instead of dealing with the aggravation.

It seems like your battery is shot and can't hold much anymore. Good luck.
you cannot till you replace the battery... too big a drain!
why don't you switch the battery from the other car.when the car runs you can switch the bad one back. it will not shut down unless you have a bad alternator.
depends on the type of car, bu t if your not sure don't try anything call a mechanic.
LOL! It'll take a few hoursbut u need a portable charger or take it to a auto part store. But Why not just buy a new one?
yes just hook jumper cable up to the dead battery to a working one and and start the dead one
I would not recommend hooking cables together. You may try getting someone to help you push the car to a more accessible position or buying a longer set of cables. After you hook the cables, turn on the car with the good battery and wait 1-2 minutes to give your battery time to charge. This should help but if not, you may have to replace the battery. If you cannot afford the $50-100 for a new battery, there are usually places where you can buy used batteries for like $20.00
yes, hook theme together, make sure the colors match, let it charge for a bit then try. if it's a standard, you can push it then pop the clutch(2nd gear) it may start.
they have longer cables... I don't know about using 2 sets together... Doesn't sound safe, but perhaps someone else can give more details on that part. If not, try a portable jumper pack. You should be able to set the cables up and let the %26quot;Jumper%26quot; car run for a bit and after a couple minutes, try your car... There may be a chance that your battery is completely dead and you need a new one. When you do figure out if its that or not, have it tested to see if your alternator is working. Good Luck!!
Pull the battery and put it on a charger overnight. If the battery is toast, you aren't going to be able to run the car very long even if you do jump start it.

Find out why the battery is dead. Have a auto parts store load test the battery, if it is good after charging it, then see if the charging system on the car is bad.

Don't hook two jumper cables together. I see sparks, shorting and exploding batteries in that future.
If the battery isn't working there are two possible problems i can think of. first put a fully charged batter in your car and see if it works(Borrow one from someone you know who is willing to let you do this) if it turns then you need a new battery. If it doesn't start then the problem is your alternator.in that case it is more expensive to fix(300.00 - 500.00 depending on where you go)
If it's totally dead, it won't turn over. You have to take it out and have it recharged. If your battery is dead, I would suggest checking your alternator as well. If the alternator is not working properly it will not send a charge to the battery.

Goodluck :)

P.S. You can take both to Autozone and they will check them both free of charge.
It may be simpler to just put a good battery in the car to start it..Trying to get enough current thru two sets of cables may not work. Hook the positive cable to the battery cable connection, then hook the ground cable to the side of the engine or car frame.
Clean battery connections first, then attach + then - and let set with the other car running for about 15 minutes, then try it, with cables connected you should have at least some power unless you have dirty connectons so clean them first like I said.
I tried this myself and it didn't work. It may have been that the cables being connected weakened the power going to the dead battery, or it could have been the size of the vechicle. We were using a small 4-cylinder truck to start a large truck with a V8 engine. In any case, we ended up having to push the large truck out of the narrow driveway so we could reach it with a single set of cables. Once we did that, it worked. We did have to let the little truck run for 5-10 minutes though, to build up a little juice in the V8 truck. My guess is that coupling the cables just doesn't work.

One more thing. Make certain your connections are really sound. You may be hooking the cables to the wires on the battery, and those wires may not be clamped on tight enough, or they may have corrosion that is weakening what little juice they are getting. Pour water mixed with baking soda around the terminals and scrub them off. Then tighten the wires going to the battery, before you jump start.

Have you thought about simply replacing the battery? What is the use of getting the vehicle started if you just have to jumpstart it every where you go? Might as well take the battery out and go have it tested. If it can't be recharged, you'll have to replace it. At least your problem will be solved.

Good luck!
Take the battery out of the vehicle! Replace it with a charged battery. The real problem may b the Alternator which turns the headlights yellow.
Put it in the 1st gear n push it all the way it will start bcoz ihave experianced it ATTENTION it will take ime
Yes you can use the 2 cables provided you're really careful not to let the end touch one another or the positive cables to anything metal on your car.

You can also if you felt safer doing this can bur a special jumper cable that basically you insert into your lighter socket and the lighter socket of another car.

This method takes longer because you loose amperage using the small diameter wire

You'd have faster results with the cables linked together. Or a battery jump pack... With the battery jump pack you do not need to have another car to jumpstart your car
Not a good idea with 2 sets of cables.

If you cannot get the cars close enough, then remove the battery then connect it to the cables near the other car.

Clean the connectors and (if older type battery) check the water levels before clamping the cables, be sure there is a good connection. Let the car run and charge for at least 15 to 30 mins to build a decent charge.

It takes a lot of charge to start the car, but once running, the car will charge the battery.

After that, have the battery check for dead cells. If this was the first time and it was because something was left on to drain it, it could be damaged.

If you are in a cold state, have the alternate belt check for tightness. If too loose, it will not recharge the battery properly.
If you try to make a %26quot;jumper%26quot; from two sets of cables you run a greater risk of arcing across something and shocking yourselves silly. Move the functioning car to a closer position and try again. Batteries won't charge if the polarity isn't correct, and in fact, it will drain the functioning battery. So make sure you have the polarities aligned properly before beginning. Also, check the battery of the %26quot;dead%26quot; car for two things: Corrosion around the battery terminals will interrupt the flow of power (so if it's present, lightly scrape it off AWAY from your body). Also, check whether or not the battery is the type that needs to have water added. If so, fill up the cell wells before attempting to charge it. If the %26quot;dead' battery is completely drained, it may take a little while to build up enough charge to fire the engine....while you wait, if it's working (that is, if it's building up charge), when your key is turned to ALT mode, some function to interior lights will return as the charge builds up. Once it's running, disconnect the cables carefully and leave the newly charged car running so that the alternator can continue to recharge the battery automatically. If it fails to do that you may have either a bad alternator or bad alternator belt. Good luck.
i answered yure other question well you put it in 2nd gear clutch in get ppl to push you...when get enough spped up let clutch out.hope i helped!
Did you have the red clamp on the red battery post and the black clamp on the black post or on the car chassie? Just replace the old battery with a new one or remove it and place it in a car that has it's motor already running (be careful with the battery cables while you do that, and watch out for the fan also) and let it recharge the battery. Yes you can use two cables - watch the color code when you do that and don't let the cables touch the bare ground as that will ground the system and not let the current thru to your battery. If your car or truck is a standard shift, you can push it (out of gear) until your up to about 20-30 MPH and the push in the clutch and put it in gear (2nd works) and release the clutch and hopefully it will start the motor. Make sure the car doing the pushing is clear first! Same goes if people are doing the pushing If the motor don't turn over then your problem is not the battery but the motor. Try checking out all the fusiable links in the wire harness going from your battery to your starter, you may have a blown fuse in one, you can use a meter to check it out - remove the cable from the battery first and at the starter. If the fuse is good, it will pass current from one end to the other.
Save yourself hours of frustration, if you need a ride fast call a friend or cab. Then when you can get someone to help you take the battery out and have nearest Autozone or battery store like Interstate batteries check the battery. If it is older than a year it could be bad and need replacing, if you have a warrenty take it to the place you got it. If you have AAA get them to come out, it should be a freebee part of your service. There is never a real quick fix plan on at least an hour to take care of this and don't skimp on the battery, you get what you pay for, if you buy cheap it will work like cheap and last like cheap. Preventative service is always the best, have your car checked out when they do the lube, many places like that will do it free, or small fee. Last but always important, if you don't know anything about cars make friends with someone that really does and feed them well.
Yes, you can use 2 sets of cables for extra reach but if you are having constant battery issues go get a new battery. Hooking up cables like this is a bit risky. You can damage the boosting car's alternator and blow up batteries if you don't really know what you are doing. I have seen seasoned mechanics blow up batteries. Just one Ooops is all it takes. Have your charging system load tested at Auto Zone. It's free, I think. And they used to remove and reinstall batteries. I don't know if that's free but it's easy and convenient. If you love boosting batteries get your self a portable booster. They are best to use for just your situation and you can carry it around in your trunk for emergency boosts. I boosted a woman's car at a gas station. She was very impressed.

As for your last question. I would never leave cables on a car any longer than it takes to start the disabled car. Too much voltage can be taken on in either direction. You may cause even more damage. Driving a car for about 30 minutes should charge a battery enough for a restart. But, get it load tested ASAP..... I think this car has battery and or charging issues.

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