Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to reverse a car from between two cars in a parking lot?


I having been driving for many years but recently, I realized that I don't have the method down pat for reversing out of a parking space from between two cars. Parallel parking has some exact steps to it if done properly so I was wondering if this situation might have some exact steps to it to make it easier for the reversing driver. Basically, I definitely want to hit the car on either side of me when doing it so what should I do? Thank you in advance for any information given.
How to reverse a car from between two cars in a parking lot?
sorry. if you cant park a car you should not be driving a car. i suggest you go back to a driving school and ask them to teach you before you damage some innocent persons car or worse.
How to reverse a car from between two cars in a parking lot?
parallel parking is a basic technique if you have already been to a drivers ed class perhaps you were not taught the proper way to parallel park. i would recommend taking a more advanced class that is mainly based upon parking and using all the mirrors. hope this helps
well you can practice this technique your self with large cardboard boxes.It helped me when I had to learn a variety of maneuvers for my cdl test.

If I understand what you are trying to do then you have pulled nose in to a parking space with a car on either side of you with reasonable space between you and them.

I start by backing slowly while turning the wheel slightly to the left.that is if I want to pull right when I put it in forward gear.the goal is this.

If you bring the nose of your car a little closer the the car on the left while you are still in the space in question then just before you are out of the%26quot;Hole%26quot;you sharply turn your wheel right then this maneuver gives you a few more inches of clearance between you and the car on the right while giving you the angle you need to also clear the car in the space across the aisle behind you.You can also get a good feel for how this works by using a 4 wheel cart with just 2 caster wheels.

you see if you pull straight out and then turn your wheel right so you can pull out to the can smack the car on your right with your nose before you get out far enough to pull away with out hitting the car behind you.If you snuggle in a little closer to the car on the left you have a little more room to the right to work long as you do not get so close to the car on the left that you hit it or its mirror

And if you think thats hard you should try to parallel park a 53 foot trailer with a 20 foot sleeper cab attached.
Mmmm!!! What kinda car u drive in what state and county I will stay away from there

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