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How does a car qualify to be eligble for classic car insurance in the UK?

Are there specific companies that deal in this? Is it generally cheaper due to restrictions on the use of the car?
How does a car qualify to be eligble for classic car insurance in the UK?
There are a number of companies which have a %26quot;classic%26quot; car insurance scheme.

It varies according to the company and there is no set eligibility for insurance.

These policies are generally cheaper but put restrictions on mileage etc.

For vehicle tax purposes it used to be 25 years but this government changed it and now I believe only cars registered before 1973 are exempt.

(not sure on the date it is 73 or 74 I think)
How does a car qualify to be eligble for classic car insurance in the UK?
Cars registered before 1973 are deemed to be 'classics' for road tax purposes.

insurance companies who specialise in classic car insurance such as usually set the limit at ten years although it varys by specialist scheme

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Im not too sure what you mean but when i worked in the post office a car was classified as classic and eligible for free road tax when it was 30 years old, dont know if thats the same for insurance...
in Ireland its 21 years is a classic and 30 years is a vintage, yes there some insurance companies who deal with classic and vintage. but most will quote . to tax in Ireland I think it's 40 euro a year and less than 400 euro to Insurance if you already have insurance on another car.
If you're over 25 years old and your car is standard build, over 15 years old and you do less than 7,500 miles a year, - the AA

Manufactured at least 15 years ago as a standard production model (20 years for some vehicle makes, eg Porsche)

The annual mileage must not exceed 7,500 miles Must be used as a second car, - the RAC
most places say about 15 years old or more so if u got a car thats 1994 or older u should b okay
It all depends on the insurance company. Yes there are many insurance providers that specialise in older vehicles. Yes you may be restricted to a mileage limit and specific uses. Try different firms to compare their terms and conditions.
Drama Queen is right as far as many insurance brokers go - They class a vehicle as a classic at 30 years of age..

This can mean you can get some very dubious classics!

Classic car insurance usually restricts your mileage massively, typically to 4,000 per year. It is however very cheap! Specific companies include Adrian Flux, Footman James and Lancaster. My father in law has used Footman James and has always been happy with their service - try this one. I have their car insurance and, as I know, they can provide such a service.
Insurance costs are decided by the providers. They use various criteria in working out how much to charge. The cost of the tax disc is fixed by the government.

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