Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to get my car seat installed tighter?

I have the Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 convertible car seat and I feel like I have been wrangling with it for weeks to get it to fit properly.

The problem is my car is 16 years old, it's in great shape.. But it doesn't have those little anchor hook things. So I use the seat belt instead per the instructions. I am just not able to get the seat in tight enough. No matter what I do it moves about like a drunken sailor.

Any tips?
How to get my car seat installed tighter?
Well your best bet is going to be taking it to your local Fire Station! They are always happy to adjust it snugly in there, and much times have special little tricks! Our car has the latch anchors, but we use the seatbelts most of the time since we take the car seats out alot! Best of Luck!

If not you can try putting one knee in the seat while you buckle it, or use the middle seat with just the lap belt (it tightens alot easier!)
How to get my car seat installed tighter?
drive it down to your local fire department.

they will get it installed properly for you

i used a locking clip for mine because i too drive an older vehicle. i got the seat belt set up and then unbuckled it and made it a little tighter, put the locking clip on and then sat in the seat myself to get it tight enough to clip into the seat belt holder thing... mine doesnt move around at all!
Sit in it yourself, and then have someone else tighten the seat belt. That's how I do mine, and I swear a cannon couldn't blow that thing out of my car! I use the latch in the back window, but even without that I can still get it tight enough just by sitting in it. That's how they do it at car seat safety checks. Or you can take it to the fire department, and let the men do it. I'm sure they can get it in tight enough!
We don't install our car seat with the LATCH system either, and it's in there pretty tight.

What happens if you crawl inside of the seat and kneel on it to push it down? I've found that if I'm facing the front of the car (the back of the child restraint), I can put one knee in the seat and push down with a lot of my weight. Then when I buckle it up with the seat belt and tighten it, I'm tightening it with all of that extra weight so it is really secure. When I get out, it will try to give back to where it wants to be, but the seat belt is shorter and secured tighter.

(I can't find a video online, but I could totally take one for you... but that would probably be overkill!.... I totally agree with the answer to sit in it yourself, but dang... my hips are definitely too wide!)
Try to sit in it or put as much weight in it as you can. Then have someone tighten it for you...Or call your local Police department...they can do it for you

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